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SEO Lemons Infographic
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Google Long Tail
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Kelley Blue Book Graphic
How Coffee Changed America
Ode to the Organic Link
Organic Link Building
Kelley Blue Book: 2011 Year in Review
Kelly Blue Book Timeline Infographic

What is an Infographic

Infographics give life to knowledge, information, and data though the use of graphs, charts, images, diagrams, and other visual elements. This visual illustration of information gives meaning to otherwise complex ideas and presents information in a manner that is easily understood, memorable, and enjoyable.

High Quality Infographics

Lumin’s infographic designers are known throughout the industry for their ability to consistently create high quality infographics. Each infographic goes through a customized but methodical process including conceptualization, research, design, coding, and revision. This experience-driven process results is a custom infographic that strikes a perfect balance between graphical illustration, typography, diagrams, and textual composition.

Increased Optimization and Social Sharibility

There’s much more to our infographics than what you see on the surface.  We take the infographic design process a gigantic step further by hand coding the content of the infographic. Not only does this amplify the SEO benefits of an infographic, it allows us to control the massive influx of link juice to whichever pages and keywords you like. In the same vein, we’ll make sure that the infographic is setup in a way that takes advantage of social media in ways that are much more powerful than traditional “sharing”.

Quality Distribution

After moving the infographic to your site, we will reach out to national media outlets and incredibly powerful websites whose audience and website owners have enjoyed, respected, and helped distribute our work to millions of people. In addition, we are trusted community members of the most popular social bookmarking and social news sites where we have a reputation for bringing consistent, high quality content.

The Bottom Line

When you combine the quality of our infographics with the strength of our network, Lumin is among the best the in the world at infographic design and promotion.

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